'A person must be arched and buttressed from within, else the temple crumples to dust.' 

Marcus Aurelius 121-180 CE



CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY - listening hands

The concepts embodies in Craniosacral Therapy practise is reflective of  the current revolution in exploring our mind and body as a connected, self regulatory system, contained within, and influenced by  its  environment. 

              Craniosacral Therapy significantly alters lives

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) recognises PRIMARY RESPIRATION,  as the driving force of growth and recuperation.   Expressed through the fluid system,   and modified by biodynamic influences, this inhalation – exhalation cyclical  pulse is reflected in our whole system in a polyrhythmic fashion. Dr Sills, the father of CST,  first identified this tidal fluctuation, and called it the BREATH OF LIFE.

A Craniosacral therapist is trained to recognise the clues that reflect health and healing.  They will have palpation skills  which reflect safety and facilitate natural forces to allow healing to take place.

Benefits of Craniosacral Therapy

It allows the nervous system to 'reset'.  Deep stillness and autonomic nervous system regulation has generalised health benefits which can assist in many of the modern chronic complaints, including irritable bowel syndrome, depression, anxiety or chronic fatigue.  

Babies  with symptoms such as colic,  feeding issues,  sleeplessness, often resolve with craniosacral holding.  Mothers can also benefit from sessions.

Children battling to reach milestones, having tantrums, with sensory deficit disorder or learning difficulties or separation anxiety are found to change. 

Craniosacral therapy and Dentistry could, in the future, become good friends.   The temporomandibular joint needs to be aligned for an even bite. 

... and how do we manage the anxieties of modern living:  Relax ? Whats that ?  

Our bodies are organised around the forces of nature