"Movement is the song of the body."

Vanda Scaravelli

Kitya Nowicki

BSC Physio - Sports med
Specialised Kinesiology
Craniosacral Therapy                                                          


 021 685 5353

ROLL ON - a movement programme with Kitya Nowicki
A series of 8 classes commencing: 3 May 2017

Come and practice new postural habits. Change comes with practice.

This series will enable a progressive reset of the nervous system through awareness and movement.

The principles you will learn will assist you to manage your health, tone and wellbeing!

You'll benefit from a reference of activities you can do at home / in you car / with your children / despite your children / whilst sitting in meetings or even walking around Pick 'n Pay.

  • Recuperate from injury, Avoid repeat injury, Rejuvenate from loss / trauma, Get the lymphatic system flowing, Improve tone, Oxygenate tissues and vitalise, Improve mood and concentration
  • Remember health

Alexander technique, Moshe Feldenkrais, Stanley Kellerman, Buddhism, Tai Chi, Craniosacral Technique, Cross Crawl, Bates method & Starers anonymous, Neuro-developmental reflexes, Lynn Mctaggart - The Field, Resonance - music/sound....

...and mostly YOUR OWN BODY!