"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much"

Helen Keller


BSc Physiotherapy
Specialised Kinesiologist
Craniosacral Therapy
Touch for Health instructor
Craniosacral Therapy instructor 


Specialised Kinesiologist           Craniosacral Practitioner (RCST)
Touch for Health Instructor


Kitya chose this Chinese / Tibetan form for her logo as it symbolises the values we encourage at Integral Health. 

Traditionally it represents long lasting well-being for ourselves, ourprojects or the ecosystem.  

As a labyrinth, the path is a metaphor for the journey, as we travel in a variety of ways and directions, each unique in itself.

  • Each person contributes to the whole by accepting and adapting to their own lives.
  • All experiences can be learned from and re-integrated positively. 
  • Their are no rules only principles.
  • Wellness is innate. 
  • As individuals we vary constitutionally, chromosomally, culturally, imaginatively and musically. 
  • We promote and explore wholistic models of universal understanding.  
  • Our therapies encourage proprioceptive intelligence, providing a foundation for full expression, emotional, mental and spirtual living.
  • We aim to support other health practitioners with resources of learning.
  • In our South African context we hope to empower individuals to transform their approach to themselves and toeach other.

Our body relates to its environment in ways our  mind is still exploring

(Hippocrates, ancient Greek physician)