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Craniosacral therapy is practiced by a variety of medical practitioners, body/mind work therapists, midwives and trauma counsellors:   

Many Therapist  have explored  CST:

Some bodywork practitioners have done short courses run by the Upledger School or other institutions.  

If they have embarked on the full practitioner journey of study, they will be a registered therapist (RCST).

Osteopaths will have CST within their curriculum although if they are registered, they have usually deepened their training with postgraduate studies.

Non-osteopathic therapists will have studied for at least 2 years.

  Biodynamic awareness is the hallmark of the new-criteria of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), in courses where the principles of organisation are recognised.   

Registration in South Africa is governed by the Craniosacral Association of SA: (RCST)

As in the UK training,  our SA association classifies learning by, days in class,  learning outcomes,  and regular practical experience.  Members are encouraged to keep updated with CST development.

Requirements RCST :

  • Foundation training from a recognised institution - 50 in class hours,
  •   +  6 days of postgraduate training - any post graduate CST course that is recognised  by the Association


Anyone can study Craniosacral Therapy...... 

You will need : 

your body / time / money / curiosity / commitment 

You will get:

information about the way our bodies are arranged,

 palpation and counselling tools that help people be their ' healthy self'  and adapt to their world

a career 

self knowledge 

deepening skill in a profound healing resource


Integral health - Foundation training: 

This part-time course, with Kitya Nowicki and Associates,  traces the evolution and understanding of Craniosacral Therapy, while regulating our own systems to its practitionership. 

FREE Introductory Seminar
2019 dates tba, 10am-12pm

This seminar is open to all curious practitioners and is a pre-requisite to joining the foundation training. 


Communities need Craniosacral therapists who have the skills to respond to each client as an individual and who are representative of our evolution and survival as human beings.   Can we help our community to be more gentle and forgiving of deeply ingrained habits of behaviour?Can we then assist them to transition into  an easier functional state?

Each person is perfect as they are as a present marker of the dynamic unfoldment of this magical thing we call "life". 

Interested in getting Kitya to talk at one of your meetings?   
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