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Craniosacral therapy is practiced by a variety of medical practitioners, body/mind work therapists, midwives and trauma counsellors:   

The concepts of  Craniosacral Therapy have attracted many types of people to its study since Andrew Sill and Donald Sutherland stared palpating bodies with a deepening sensitivity.  

As humans, we are being taught by nature as we go along, and the body with its magical alchemy is a source of great fascination.

Fundamentally Craniosacral Therapy explores the concept of Primary Respiration:  That is the expression of the biodynamic forces of nature within our ' Fluid' system.   

Cellular breath occurs before we breath with our lungs.    Within the fluid system of amniotic fluid we  are organising around physical forces which form and shape us. 

We can learn more and more about ourselves from natures rhythms and stories. 


The Craniosacral approach has been shared in many ways, by many types, offering varied contributions and  scope to its practise.    A professional Craniosacral Therapist is defined by their competencies of training as well as their hands on experience. 

Some trainings like polarity therapy, osteopathy and formative  psychology include its concepts in their teachings.  

Requirements for Registration of a Craniosacral Therapist in South Africa :

  • Foundation training from a recognised institution - 52 in class hours,
    • A foundation training is a stand alone Craniosacral Training that meats competencies of the Association
  •   6 days of postgraduate training 
    • any post graduate CST course that is recognised  by the Association
    • recommended completion within a year.
  • Anatomy and Physiology from recognised institution     
    • (can be done before, during or after training)


Integral health - Foundation training: 

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