"Each person weaves a unique web of adaptation responses, creating symptoms which are often mysteriously interlinked..."

Kitya Nowicki





Association of Kinesiology,SA (ASKSA):



If you have been using Touch for Health in your practice or on your friends and family, you will be realising that the layers of learning and integrating this protocol are multifold.

Deepening your practice and knowledge of 42 muscles and their ramifications is revealing and rewarding.  As your database improves, so will your clients resonate with the information and show you the way.

Kitya Nowicki has been teaching Touch for Health for over 15 years.  She has been inspired by the model of 42 muscle reflex balancing, overlaid onto Traditional medical concepts. Our body is a reflection of the expression of living.  She uses TFH as a primary feedback tool in consultations and finds that it empowers and enriches her own and the client's experience.          

TFH PROFICIENCY, 20-21 November 2019
R 1 650

TFH Proficiency involves review, practice and a guided open book assessment, giving you a solid footing to: 

  • Practice TFH accurately
  • Continue and enhance your Specialised Kinesiology Training
  • Become a TFH instructor
The idea is to ascertain your competency to effectively utilise the TFH techniques in practice.  All teaching on the workshop will involve practical application and we will clear up any confusion over any elements of the TFH protocol.

There will be an open book written assessment to affirm that you are able to locate information accurately.  A certificate of proficiency enables you to continue doing 8 days professional instructor training - a workshop that enables you to facilitate the learning of Touch for Health material in our community.
TFH METAPHORS, 1-2 August 2019
R 1 650

Our deep subconscious desire is pre-verbal and cortical.  As our imagery and physical body develop, our story gets wrapped into our neurology for future reference.  The messages of our body are reflected in our posture and tissues.  Our defence reflex may once have been useful, however, it could well have outstayed its welcome and be unconsciously preventing healing. Stabilising reflexes in accordance with our choice, helps individuals to follow authentic being more easily.  Healing is part of our journey as mankind - it is possible to free ourselves.

TFH Metaphors helps you and your clients to lighten the load, have fun, and to remember our creative beings.  The result is a healthier, happier body.

This 2  day workshop:

  •  Gives insight into meridians, muscles, organs and their mapping.
  • Learn to read and follow metaphor to express a quality of spirit.
  • Bring deeper awareness to balancing sessions.
  • Revise and embody 42 muscles.
  • Extend your concepts of goal setting and contextual behaviour.
  • Investigate your own patterns of condensed experience and frame your intentions.

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