Our body relates to its environment in ways our mind is still exploring


Specialised Kinesiologist (ASKSA)
Craniosacral Therapist (RCST)
Touch For Health Instructor 

Integral Health is a precious space in which to work. It is a space where we begin to explore the potential and recuperative abilities within each person for well being - through safe and therapeutic touch.

Since 2010, my  work and studies have led me to a greater understanding and passion for this approach.  Ayur-vedic massage, Specialised Kinesiology, Craniosacral Therapy and currently Musgotova's Primitive Reflex work have a common thread in resourcing and allowing for a system to settle, connect and regulate at it's own pace and according to individual requirements.

Consultations will help you to work out what you will need to begin your healing process.


What a luck to have found Touch for Health as a foundation to my practice.    This modality provides a tool and language of the body that is integral to my work and one that I am inspired to share.  These workshops maintain the philosophy of self-responsibility and choice in all aspects of well being. We provide a  gentle environment in which to learn  skills and connect with fellow students and practitioners.