"The body

doesn't lie"

John Diamond -  Psychologist, Kinesiologist

Kinesiology Training- Touch for Health

Association of Kinesiology,SA (ASKSA)


Allowing our bodies to speak for themselves

Kinesiology is a unique method of communicating with our body using muscle reflexes .

Otherwise known as Muscle Reflex monitoring, Kinesiology  allows us to assess and adjust  imbalances in our lives. Models which combine Eastern and Western cultural wisdom and research, allow a Kinesiologist to adjust neurology within the context of differing events, thoughts and physical environments.

Body language is closely linked to your emotional state and mental point of view.  The more your body experiences what it is to be in balance, the more you will be able to make choices appropriate to the moment.

Via the nervous system and feedback concepts, a Kinesiologist can assess how food, water and oxygen are absorbed and distributed through your body. After a couple of sessions, you will find yourself a little less stressed, and energy will become available for healing.  Those niggling ongoing symptoms that prevent you from doing what you would like to do, miraculously disappear.  

Other natural therapies, such as acupuncture and homeopathy , can work in conjunction with Kinesiology to aid with natural healing responses and facilitate growth and recuperation.   

At Integral Health our practitioners utilise kinesiology to assess, monitor and deepen our therapeutic effect. 

Training and workshops using the language of muscle monitoring are regular events.


Touch for Health is the foundation training of Specialised Kinesiology.

You will learn the fundamentals of balancing the whole body using the electromagnetic feedback properties of muscles and their reflexes.  Learn more...